Kimberly-Clark Professional

Kimberly-Clark Professional is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary paper products, surgical and medical instruments.


IndustrieCeltex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper products for hygiene, home and professional use.

IndustrieCeltex delivers innovative, sustainable and high-performance tissue, nonwoven fabrics and dispenser systems to the professional market. Products are designed to aid everyday individual hygiene and wellbeing, along with the cleanliness of domestic, public and work environments.

Sutter Professional

Sutter Professional produces and offers products which provide concrete solutions for the cleaning of domestic and professional environments. Sutter Professional offers very effective systems (chemicals, training, consultancy) for any kind of professional cleaning problem for floors, hospitals, contract cleaning, horeca, laundry, industry, etc. All products are made of natural and organic raw materials, including plants, fruits and vegetables, to protect the environment, health and safety.

Unilever Professional

Unilever Professional is a dedicated cleaning and hygiene partner for professional and commercial customers.

Unilever Professional range is designed to meet the demands of health care, facility management, Food & hospitality businesses, including restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, clinics or any other commercial establishments.


Marplast has been producing high quality plastic accessories for bathrooms and public spaces since 1968.

The company was focused on the design of products that combined aesthetics, usability, robustness and longevity: characteristics that still define MarPlast products and that have allowed the company to become an industry leader worldwide, 100% Made in Italy.


Cleantech is a leading company in Georgia specializing in the production of professional disinfecting, cleaning, and hygiene products. The products are distributed both within Georgia and internationally.

Cleantech has been operating since 2003. The primary goal of Cleantech has always been to establish itself through quality rather than price. However, alongside quality, the availability of affordable prices in relation to it has been able to meet customer needs.

At Cleantech, every product undergoes practical testing and evaluation in various departments of the company, which eliminates the sale of substandard products.

The Cleantech range is growing and expanding with each day. Furthermore, the company maintains continuous control over the production process. The Cleantech team consistently works on optimizing maximum comfort and quality to make it easier for consumers to select the necessary products.


WEPA has been producing high-quality hygiene paper for European food retailers for decades and is one of the leading specialists for private labels in Europe.